Buy A Feather Flag

Buy A Feather Flag

Feather flags are incredibly popular for high-level branding indoors and outdoors. We have been printing and sewing feather flags in our UK factory for many years. Our capabilities lie in all kinds of display work and our fabric printing division is a key part of our offering. We have invested heavily in state of the art dye-sublimation printing equipment which allows us to produce amazing, waterproof textile prints for display and exhibition graphics of all kinds. In terms of feather flags we now offer five different shapes, each with their own distinctive look. Our rectangular flags are squared off across the top while our teardrop (quill), crest, wind chaser and sail flags all feature attractive curves. 


All our feather flags, including our sail flags come in multiple heights from around 2m tall right up to 5m or so. You can view our full range of teardrop flags on our website.


Most of a feather flags are available with the option of double sided printing. For those of you who are who are not familiar with feather flags you should know that the vast majority of teardrop flag you see outside petrol stations and the like are in fact printed single sided. The lightweight fabric allows the print on one side to show through on the reverse, but as a mirror image. Although the visible image is reversed, the rear view of the flag still gives a colourful image. If you opt for a double sided Quill flag then we will print two flags and stitch them back to back so that there is a right reading image appearing on both sides. In addition we include a light blocking interleaf which we stitch in between the two printed flags which prevents any show through of the image from the other side. (NB It is not possible to fit a double sided flag to our largest rectangular flag or square feather flag)


Whichever shape you choose, whether it be a crest flag, zoom feather or crest, you will need the right base.


All our feathers are priced to include the printed fabric, a tough fibreglass pole and a carry bag. Choosing a base for your flag should be done with careful consideration as to exactly how they will be used. If used indoors then perhaps you just need an “X” base for your rectangular feather flag, but outdoors you will need to make absolutely sure you buy the right item. Firstly consider whether you are using your flag on hard ground or on “soft” ground. If you are able to drive in a ground spike to soft ground then this provides you with a very robust solution at the cheapest possible price.


However, if you wish to set up your flag on a hard surface like tarmac or concrete then it will not be possible to deploy a spike. Instead you will need to opt for one of our water or sand filled bases which you will find on our website. A rule of thumb is that the larger the Crest flag so the larger the base you will need. And don’t forget that no feather flag will necessarily stay in place in higher wind conditions.


These units are designed for use in light to moderate wind conditions and we recommend that they are taken down if higher winds prevail. Please do visit our web site where you can find out more information about our wide range of  printed textile displays and zoom flags for indoor and outdoor use. Please also feel free to call us or drop us an email to get free expert advice from one of our experienced display professionals.