Buying Formulate Fabric Products

Buying Formulate Fabric Products

Here at Formulate Fabric Displays we carry the entire range of these excellent tube frame systems.

First off we have the ever popular display stands, these are available in two formats including curved and straight.

Both options come with double sided print included for free.

Each system is supplied with a strong carry bag and the weights starts at just 7 kg. Surely these are the most portable event displays ever.

Both the Formulate Curved and the Formualte Straight models come in multiple widths. The straight model starts at 2.4m, then 3m wide, then 4m, then 5m, and 6m. The height throughout the range is 2.38m.

We offer the curved option in multiple widths too.

2.4m, 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m. The Formulate principle is a simple one. A snap together tubular aluminium lightweight frame provides you with the skeleton. Next you simply pull over the printed graphic slip, it works like a pillowcase.

Have a look at one of our videos to see exactly how it works. There videos for Formulate straight and Formulate curved. Once you have pulled over the sleeve you simply close the zip and you have a seam-free graphic display which looks a million dollars.

Also in the Formulate family you will find superb hanging structures which sit over the top of your exhibition stand from the ceiling of any event hall. In addition there are freestanding vertical banners in straight, snake and wave formats.

In addition we have archways which make the perfect entrance way into your events or onto your exhibition stand.

These can be joined together to make tunnels and provide the eye-catching focus of attention for your event. If you have not already enjoyed ownership of a Formulate Fabric display system then please take a look at our videos to see what you have been missing.

Lightweight, recyclable, portable together with superb looks, what more could a display manager ever want?

Get in touch for a chat soon. Now watch the video!


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