Exhibition Stands by Wavelight, Casonara and iGLO

Exhibition Stands by Wavelight, Casonara and iGLO

Have you noticed the rise of illuminated displays? Whether you are a display professional, an event manager or a marketing you could not have failed to notice the sudden resurgence in live events over the past few months. The bounce-back after the industry was mothballed during Lockdown has been nothing short of amazing. If you are already back live, addressing your customers face-to-face then you might have noticed some exciting news display products which have emerged during lockdown. 

Perhaps the most exciting trend to have taken hold is focused on displays with internal illumination. For example, take a look at the ranges of illuminated exhibition display stands from Interact Displays. Their range is brand new and takes in best-in-class products with a wow factor. It’s hard not to notice the new range of internally illuminated fabric displays – light boxes being used creatively and effectively. We have got used to fabric products like Texstyle and Formulate but these new units really are quite stunning. 


What makes them possible is the availability of LED light curtains which are both ultra bright and also sufficiently low in cost now that they can be incorporated into display stands to make them affordable. Along the same lines is the impressive family of Wavelight light internally illuminated graphic displays. Designed to function standalone they can be used in any exhibition or event environment. Interestingly they can also be used in any public space. For example, use in a hotel lobby or to promote messages in colleges, hospitals or offices. Sizes are available in sizes similar to the Formulate Monolith range. 

A unique feature about the Wavelight concept is that they are illuminated through 360° for all round visibility. Supplied in their own wheeled carry case these are sure to attract attention wherever they go. The graphics messaging itself can be changed any time on both the iGLO range and Wavelight systems. The fabric graphics are highly affordable and can be replaced anytime the message needs updating. It’s good to see a renaissance of the amazing Twist System, it’s still one of the most versatile, modular, self-install systems around. Interact offer a number of pre-designed kits to fit the most common spaces but of course, being modular, they can be adapted to fit any space at all, of any size. Staying with the theme of internal illumination it’s great to see that the hanging banner has been enhanced with some very welcome refinements. Most exciting is the fact that they have now developed a fantastic method to incorporate internal illumination into a range of superb hanging structures, not a new thing in itself but a game changer at these incredibly low prices. I expect these to shake up the market. Next I welcome the range of awesome illuminated exhibition counters which are coming onto the market. like the Wavelight Casonara. Once again Interact Displays seems to be leading the way with a comprehensive range of counters to complement any display stand and help them stand out from the crowd. But let’s not forget the excellent range of Formulate Fabric products, tried and tested and very much a part of a display-makers toolkit. The 6m wide and 2.4 m high unit has become a de facto standard for stage backdrops as they are ideal for photography and filming. The Formulate Fabric Display Company has its own dedicated website so you might want to drop in and have a look at the full range on offer.