Fabric displays from Formulate

Fabric displays from Formulate

Here in the UK it’s been a quiet couple of years in the events and exhibition industry thanks to Covid. But now the industry has come back with a bang. Exhibition halls the length and breadth of the country are bustling with activity and it’s like Covid never even happened.

What hasn’t changed is the imperative for investment in exhibition marketing to generate a worthwhile return on capital.

And of course that means, first and foremost, getting your exhibition display bang on the money. Here at ABC exhibitions we have been creating stunning exhibition stand displays for many years. Today we are proud to tell you that we boast a superb large format printing division in-house with specialisations in exhibition graphics and dye sublimation fabric printing. We are delighted to have been at the forefront of the explosive growth in fabric printing for exhibitions and display. Whilst we operate in many sectors including museums, retail, office, universities and all public spaces, let’s just focus on what you need to get the most out of your investment in exhibition appearances.

Formulate fabric pop-ups are perhaps one of the hottest products in our portfolio right now. Since fabric printing technology has come of age we now manufacture magnetic pop-up systems and fabric pop up systems in pretty much equal measure. Fabric pop-ups have certain advantages which are worth their weight in gold. If you have not come across these excellent displays systems then what you should know is that they are based on a simple tubular aluminium frame which snaps together to form the skeleton of the display. The tubular sections can be pulled apart and packed down into a holdall for easy transportation. (It is worth noting that these frames are highly recyclable with no magnets. The Formulate fabric backdrop aluminium frame can be recycled over and over). So next we provide you with a printed sleeve which works on the same principle as a pillowcase.

Stretch the sleeve over the skeleton frame and the graphic will pull taught. Finally, close the zip which tensions the fabric even more and ensures a crease free, sweeping graphic display. One of the things you may immediately notice about our fabric backdrops is that there are no joins across the front of the display, that means there is nothing to align, the stretch fabric takes care of that. 

And here is a big bonus. When you purchase a fabric pop-up from us we will not only print the front but we will also print the rear at no extra charge. It’s entirely up to you if you repeat the same artwork on the back and the front or whether you up to have different artworks on each side and that means that you will get two displays for the price of one. 

I’ve already mentioned that the frame is nearly all aluminium and highly recyclable which can only be good for the environment. Even better, the fabric sleeve is also recyclable. There are no magnets involved in the frame construction. We are proud to have established a scheme whereby we offer to facilitate recycling of your obsolete fabric sleeves. Once you are finished with your sleeve simply return it to us and we will recycle it for you.

Formulate fabric exhibition stands are available with a comprehensive range of accessories. For example we can offer you LED lights in different styles to complement your display. We also offer a range of matching fabric counters which are equally versatile and just as portable. Next we are pleased to offer clamp on demo tables in three shapes. These are ideal for displaying smaller quantities of products or leaflets. 

Finally, you will be delighted to hear that far from being priced at a premium our fabric back walls are great value because they cost less than a traditional magnetic pop-up. Manufactured right here in the UK in our print factory from where we can offer you incredibly short lead times on fabric display products including Formulate fabric backdrops. Quality is assured every time. Our range of formulate back walls is available in both straight and curved formats to suit your requirements. Height as standard is around 2.3m tall.  Formulate curved starts at 2.4m and go up to 3m and 6m wide. In Formulate straight format we also offer a 4m wide and a 5m wide option. 

So there you have it, a modern way to display which is low-cost, light in weight, easy to set up in less than 10 minutes, which you can carry in a holdall on a train, plane, bus, car or indeed in the back of a taxi. Please do get in touch to find out more about this amazing product range from ABC Exhibitions or visit https://www.abcexhbitions.com