Formulate Tube Frame

Formulate Tube Frame

Formulate is here! If you are not familiar with the formulates displays system then you are in for a pleasant surprise.

This is a display system which assembles in under 10 minutes and it’s as easy as pie to put up with no tools required or professional experience.

 The tubular aluminium frame simply snaps together.

Once the frame is assembled or do you need to do is pull over the Formulate printed sleeve and zip it up and bobs your uncle, you are in business. The stretch fabric graphic that’s not Kris because it is under tension , there are no seams to lineup and the double sided print means that you can use this in the middle of a room with no problem at all. When you are done with your events simply pack away your formulate stand in Sue they carry bag which is included with every display.  Carrying it to your car will be no problem either, the 2.4 m wide units weight only 8 kg. The modern waste display.

Click for straight models...

Formulate 2.4m / 2400mm straight
Formulate 3m / 3000mm straight
Formulate 4m / 4000mm straight
Formulate 5m / 5000mm straight
Formulate 6m /6000mm straight

For more information please do give us a call and chat to an expert about what would suit you best.