Printed gazebos and pop up tent

Printed gazebos and pop up tent

ABC Exhibitions offer an incredibly wide range of pop-up tents and gazebos for commercial and promotional use. Within the range there are many options.

First off the frames come in four of the most popular sizes. Starting at 2m x 2m this is the smallest system offered. Obviously because of its compact size it is also incredibly portable compared to larger systems. It can be used for literally thousands of different purposes from ticketing two providing shelter on golf courses and sports fields.

Next is by far and away the most popular size in the range, measuring 3m x 3m pop up tent this option is our best seller by far. Like all the choices offered the system is made of high grade aluminium and that makes it much lighter in weight than a steel system but also much easier to assemble as well. Unlike steel, aluminium does not rust so it is your first choice for a long lasting  shelter. The gazebo comes with numerous choices in terms of options for branding and accessories. If you need the frame with a solid coloured canopy then you will be pleased to hear that there are four colour options for a basic canopy, black, white, red, and blue.  Also Zoom teardrop flags of course. Of course you can also opt for a fully branded, digitally printed canopy on which you supply an artwork with whatever design you want to appear, there are no limits and full colour is the norm. Here’s where it gets exciting. Once you have chosen a frame size and a style of canopy then you can go on to think about sides.  Before you read on it might be worth remembering that all the frame packages come complete with a peg down kit so that you can anchor your gazebo on soft ground. The kit comprises for tough guy ropes and tent pegs.

Although the branded gazebo pop up tent can be stable indoors we also do strongly recommend that you use additional stabilisation  when used outdoors.

Once the guy ropes are fixed the gazebo will withstand wind speeds of up to 13 mph. So next you can think about sides and how you will deploy as use your pop up tent. I have both full height walls and half height walls  in the case of the half height holes we provide you with a clamp on rail which runs between two of the upright posts this holds the half wall in place. Have some fun deciding if you want one, two, three or four walls and whether they should be full height or half height. This will entirely depend on how you intend to use your system  so only you can tell. On the ABCexhibitions.com website you will find a selection of the most popular configurations.

For example many users opt to purchase one rear wall and two half height side panels, one to go on each side. By the way all the walls can be printed on both sides if you so wish.

They canopy is only offered in single sided printing for obvious reasons. If you opt to purchase double sided balls then you will be pleased to hear that we inserts and insulation between the two prints before we stitch them together. This means that you will not experience any show through from one side to the other which can interfere with the appearance of your printed panels.  Our pop up tents can be used outdoors and indoors too. Indoors you will need no additional stabilisation and these gazebos have thousands of uses from hospitality to ticketing. When used outdoors you may not always be working on a grass surface which will accept tent pegs. Don’t worry, we have a solution. We offer 7.5 kg leg weights .

You have the option to purchase a set of leg weights so that you can set up your tents on any hard surface from a car park to outside a supermarket store. If you are really keen to ensure that your branded pop up tent stands out from the crowd then we have an answer for that too!  We also manufacture feather flags for shapes including sale, crest, teardrop, Windchaser, rectangular, blade and so on and so on. Thanks to a clever mounting bracket which fits on the top of the framework you mount two of those flags on the front of your gazebo  to give an extra 2.5 m in height. You can also opt to go the whole hog and mounts four flags, one of each corner. All of these features also apply to the other sizes of frame in the range. What’s more, we also have a handy joining bracket so that you can link multiple frames together  to create larger sheltered spaces.

Then visit pop up tents for more information or contact us by phone or email to get a quote on your exact requirements. We print our pop up tents and walls right here in our UK factory so you can be confident of the fastest possible turnaround  and the best possible value for money all backed up by a guarantee from a UK manufacturer.