View The Formulate Fabric Display Range

View The Formulate Fabric Display Range

Here at Formulate Fabric we believe in stretch textile displays.

We have been producing fabric displays for over five years, during which time they have grown exponentially in popularity. It’s not hard to see why. Fabric displays look great.

Formulate Fabric Displays are seamless across the front and the back and do not have any fiddly components to assemble.

The tubular aluminium frame couldn’t be simpler to use. The tubular lengths are numbered so that you just snap them together in about two minutes. Once the frame is assembled all you need to do is to pull over the printed fabric sleeve, it fits like a pillowcase onto a pillow. Take a look at how to assemble a Formulate Curved exhibition backdrop. Once in place simply zip it up to pull taut. Because we print onto a stretch fabric material, any light creasing will simply fall out under tension. You might like to know that this is why you often hear these displays called fabric tension displays. It really is as simple as that, assembly takes just about tem minutes or less once you have a bit of practice.

The fabric sleeve is also commonly recycled but, if you prefer, you can simply send it back to us once you are finished with it and we will recycle it for you.

You can watch an assembly video of the straight backdrop by clicking here: How to assemble a Formulate straight. By clicking on this link, you will see just how easy it is and how quick it is to create a stunning back wall in minutes.  What’s more we offer a range of accessories to match including LED clip-on lighting, fabric counters and a range of clip-on tables for displaying products. One of the things we really like about the formulate range of tension banners is that they are nearly 100% suitable for you to recycle through your normal recycling channels. You see the frame is made of high-grade aluminium which is commonly recycled.

The Formulate Curved frame of course is totally reusable. If your graphic message goes out of date for whatever reason then you can simply order replacements from us whenever you need it. Perhaps the biggest departure with these fabric displays from the norm is their portability. For example a 3m wide system measuring 2.3m high weighs a measly 8kg. That’s a fraction of some other displays of the same dimensions. Then again you have its compact size, believe it or not it all breaks down and fits into a holdall the size of a large sports bag.  Easy to carry around with you, take on trains, planes, and taxis, on buses or on the backseat of your car, it really is a doddle. The Formulate Straight range is extensive. We offer curved stands which measure 2.4m wide, 3m wide, 6m wide, 4m wide, and 5m wide. They are all about 2.3m high and ideal for sitting under a shell scheme exhibition stand or indeed in any space where you need a slick display fast. We also have straight stands 2.4m wide, 3m wide, 4m wide, 5m wide and 6m wide. Once again, the straight stands measure 2.3m high.


In addition you may like to know that we have three matching counters, the Oval cancer, the rectangular counter and a magnetic counter which can be joined together to make a longer counter of infinite links. If you need a narrower version then please do take a moment to look over our range of Formulate Monolith banners. They work exactly the same principle as Formulate back walls but are narrower at 1.5m, 1.2m, 1m, 90cm, 87cm, and 60cm, take your pick.

All the Formulate accessories are compatible with the monolith range as well. Please do click on the link above to watch assembly videos on our YouTube channel or visit our website for current pricing. Alternatively please just give us a call. For the time being you might like to know that we offer a black walls and our monolith range with double sided printing at absolutely no cost additional cost. You may want to remind yourself of just how easy it is to assemble a Formulate Monolith.

So please do get in touch by phone or email or open a chat box on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.