Where to buy stretch Fabric Displays

Where to buy stretch Fabric Displays

Our Formulate Fabric Displays are now even better! Thanks to our increased sales volume of these superb products we have been able to achieve better deals with our suppliers, which means that we have been able to reduce our prices to lowest ever levels and pass on those savings to our clients.

You still get the same great quality on our Formulate straight and curved back walls. And don’t forget to order accessories including superb LED lights in three styles, clip on wooden tables which are ideal for light weight product displays and of course our matching fabric counters in either oval or rectangular format. 

Of course we are still running our offer to print the rear of your straight or Formulate curved back wall at absolutely zero cost, yes 100% free!

Please take a minute to visit our web pages to view our videos and check out what else is new in the range.